Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Post: Selling Erotic Books By M.K. Elliott

Everyone knows sex sells and with the eBook revolution has come a sluice of writers all hopping onto the erotica market.

I hate to admit that in September 2010, I was one of those writers. Before the head of our team and publisher, C.J. Ellisson came up with the idea for Everything Erotic, I hadn’t written much erotica other than regular sex scenes in my novels. Learning how to write erotic fiction was a new path for me. 

However, it’s one I embraced whole-heartedly and no one was more surprised than me to learn I actually had a talent for it!

Together with the Everything Erotic eBooks, I also began to release my own collections, novels and novellas. I was amazed when my first collection hit the #1 spot for erotica on Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Post: The Perils Of Writing Menage By Cassandra Carr

Did you ever read a menage story and think to yourself - who's doing what to who? If you have, can you even imagine what it looks and sounds like in the author's head? A huge plate of spaghetti, from my experience. Maybe that's why while in edits for Head Games I saw such beauties as "Please clarify who is rubbing her clit" and "How can he be at that angle? His wrist would break" in editorial comments. Oops.

Yeah, I mean, goaltenders are pretty flexible, but you still have to keep the laws of physics in mind . . .

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Read An Excerpt From One Chance By Clarissa Yip

“As I said earlier, you can't marry her.”

“Why not?” A flicker of alarm flashed across his face. He shifted in his seat. His gaze trailed over her from head to toe, and she watched him swallow hard. It was the first time she’d ever seen him nervous in her presence. Her eyes immediately dropped to his lap. 

The sight of the slight bulge made her breath hitch. Heat shimmied down her spine. Her nipples tightened under her coat, and an ache formed between her legs. She smiled, a sudden confidence returning to her.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Read An Excerpt From Caught By Cassandra Carr

'They’re really taking this politically correct thing too far.'
Stepping from the foyer into the living room, Callie spied a twinkling Christmas tree in the corner. On the mantel, a lit menorah burned, the candles flickering as the people nearby jostled for position as more and more guests crammed into the room. This was a boisterous crowd; already drinking like it was New Year’s. Advancing further into the room, she noticed the Kwanza decorations and rolled her eyes.
'Pick a holiday and go with it, people. You can’t please everyone.'