Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Post: Selling Erotic Books By M.K. Elliott

Everyone knows sex sells and with the eBook revolution has come a sluice of writers all hopping onto the erotica market.

I hate to admit that in September 2010, I was one of those writers. Before the head of our team and publisher, C.J. Ellisson came up with the idea for Everything Erotic, I hadn’t written much erotica other than regular sex scenes in my novels. Learning how to write erotic fiction was a new path for me. 

However, it’s one I embraced whole-heartedly and no one was more surprised than me to learn I actually had a talent for it!

Together with the Everything Erotic eBooks, I also began to release my own collections, novels and novellas. I was amazed when my first collection hit the #1 spot for erotica on Barnes & Noble.